Building together

We help organizations of the construction industry optimize their workflows, from procurement to exploitation.
Make informed decisions faster, improve the quality of your projects with BIM orchestration.

BIM-ify your business processes

BIM is about sharing data

From the tiniest BIM object to large scale models of civil engineering, leverage your data repositories with VTREEM's online solutions. Enable visual collaboration on trusted data and promote your product and process capabilities.

We ♥ stress-free solutions

VTREEM SaaS solutions can be deployed in public or private cloud platforms, and interface easily with your content management software. Simplicity is bliss.

Open standards (what else?)

Using ISO and buildingSMART standards enables you to certify your data exchanges and processes. VTREEM leverages the IFC file format (ISO 16739) for all BIM data exchanges in order to guarantee process interoperability.


Optimized BIM, at scale

Orchestrate your data management from the most detailed building elements to larger city levels.

We fuse urban, GIS and architectural data within an integrated workspace, supporting industry and ISO standard IFC files.

Information from building models can be queried, information from OpenStreetMap can be completed with your own data.

BIMXplore, by VTREEM

BIM for your constructive systems

Go beyond static PDF and brochures, configure your constructive systems in your browser.

Engage with architects and owners, Communicate more efficiently with accurate layouts and quantities for your construction systems.

Promote your products performance, in context. Adjust layouts, cost, environmental impact and thermal performance visually.

BIMConfig, by VTREEM

BIM viewer, refined

Why yet another viewer? We needed some fast and well-tailored component to support complex use cases with large models.

So here it is : BIMViewer - the viewer we love and use everyday.

BIMViewer, by VTREEM

BIM actually means Better Information Management

VTREEM develops new ways to fuse BMS and BIM in order to put in context technical alerts thanks to the BIM rich data structure.

VTREEM takes part in the European project Fuse-IT to deploy this novel approach in several test sites.

Fuse-IT, by VTREEM


Here are some of the fine people we work with. We can't wait to meet you!

Who we are

VTREEM fuses web technologies, 3D interactions and building products data to help professionals optimize their workflows.

VTREEM develops online 3D configurators which provides its clients with a global dashboard of their configured building products. Key Performance Indicators (cost, thermal insulation performance, acoustic or lighting performance) can be easily assessed for an optimized programming or retrofitting operation.

VTREEM is based in Nantes and Toulouse, France.